MedIngenuity, specializing in business development for healthcare
Strategy and Brand development for healthcare

Strategy & Brand

Medingenuity is not an ad agency. We are an MBA-directed healthcare development company that develops internet strategies, professional website designs, email communication systems, and direct-to-consumer communications that are geared for 2014 and healthcare reform.

website and content development for ASCs, Urology clinics, pain clinics, and other healthcare specialties

Website & Content

You are a busy physician practicing medicine and generating revenue. You do not have the time to author content that is readable and understandable by the layperson. That’s our business. We have educational content across many specialties like orthopedics, urology, pain management, age management and ambulatory surgery center capabilities that we provide as part of our intellectual property package.

Search engine optimization, SEO, show on the first page on Google

Search Engine

Appearing on the first few pages of search engine results, like Google and Yahoo, is critcal to the success of any healthcare business. We have the expertise and proven methods in search engine optimization for healthcare Internet sites to get a site in the top 10 for target key word queries.