Everyone wants to be on the first page. Some may search two pages, a few three. After that, if they haven’t found you, you are out of the race. We seem to maintain a first page position. For the heck of it, I googled several typical search headings today to see where TheHealthGroup.org site comes up and here is what I found:

  • Physician Practice Management – DFW – Page 1, fifth, sixth and seventh positions
  • Physician Practice Management – North Texas – Page 1, fifth and sixth positions
  • Physician practice Management – Texas – Page 1, fourth and fifth positions
  • Physician Practice Management – no geographic limiter – Page 3, fifth position
  • Then I googled Physician Practice Marketing – Page 1 Position 1
  • New Physician Practice Startup – Page 1, Position 2
  • One of the reasons we chose the Medingenuity organization to do our work is that they are the best at what they do. I’ve never been disappointed with their work.

    David Loomis
    CEO & Founder
    The Health Group

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