Health Consultants

Below is a list of clients the Medingenuity has helped with business development, web design, corporate identity and branding, or direct-to-consumer communications for health consultants and health management firms.

Sample website for an ASC with educational content

ASCs Inc.

ASCs Inc., headed by Jon Vick, specializes in strategic partnering and selling of ambulatory surgery centers. Vick has helped over 250 ASCs obtain competitive bids or strategic partnerships. Vick recognized that he needed a more updated and professional web presence going forward, so he contacted MedIngenuity for help. ASCs Inc. had an existing website and logo that needed to be updated, so MedIngenuity designed a brand new web design, complemented by a new redesigned logo. Using this logo, we created professional business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. Additionally, MedIngenuity orchestrated prospect mailings using our database list of hundreds of ASCs across the country. We continue to make updates to the ASCs Inc. website to boost it's search engine visibility. Currently, ASCs Inc. is scoring in the top 10 on Google for queries related to their service offernings.

Web site design for healthcare management

Outpatient Healthcare Strategies

Outpatient Healthcare Strategies is a healthcare management firm that operates across the nation. The management firm contacted MedIngenuity in 2013 for advice regarding their current website that needed updating. Using their existing site to gauge the firm's style, MedIngenuity developed a completely new web presence that helps to portray Outpatient Healthcare Strategies as the practice management professionals that they truly are.

Medingenuity staff helps new physicians start a practice

Healthcare Strategies & Solutions

Healthcare Strategies and Solutions, LLC, is a national company that helps physician practices improve with practice management, including their coding, billing and accounts receivable. The company was founded by Stephen Veals who had decades of experience in medical practice management. Veals selected Medingenuity to develop a website presence to showcase their capabilities in medical practice management, specifically in the specialties of orthopedics and neurosurgery.

Web site design for healthcare insurance in US

Dividend Health

Medingenuity was called upon to develop a name and logo for a new DFW-based healthcare company focused on specialty health insurance products. Medingenuity came up with the name Dividend Health, created the corporate identity, an educational Internet site and an array of marketing communications supporting the new company�s development. Since then, the company has called on Medingenuity to help launch a line extension called Dividend Health Plans.

The Health Group

The Health Group, based in Dallas, Texas is a comprehensive physician practice management company. The Health Group specializes in the unique needs of the small to medium size physician group practice. The president of The Health Group in 1997 called on Medingenuity to provide all the marketing services for its many physician groups across North Texas. For the past 20 years, Medingenuity has helped these new physician groups become established with referral development systems that stimulate new referrals from primary care physicians and specialists in the region. In many cases, Medingenuity handled the name development, created the corporate identity and produced all the marketing communications and ad campaigns to launch these new physician practices.

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