Age Manangement Clients

Below is a list of clients the Medingenuity has helped with business development, web design, corporate identity and branding, or direct-to-consumer communications for age management practices.

Sample website for an anti aging hormone replacement website

The Youth Rx

A physician wanted to create a new specialty boutique age management practice in 2016 targeting the affluent market around North Fort Worth. The new specialty center would address bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, treatment for decreased libido, weight gain, trouble sleeping, and many other menopause or andropause symptoms. She called upon Medingenuity to do the name research to develop a new name, a new corporate identity program, a new educational web site presence, direct-to-consumer ads and all necessary referral development.

Logo development for age management practice in Texas

Dynamic Life Health Center

Dynamic Life Health Center is a healthcare start up serving the affluent Southlake, Keller and Colleyville Texas market that focuses on healthy aging solutions for aging men and women. The two founding physicians called on MedIngenuity to make their idea a reality. MedIngenuity performed the name development, creating the name "Dynamic Life Health Center” along with the entire corporate identity. Medingenuity also successfully secured a registered trademark for the name. Marketing efforts included an educational ad campaign and a content-rich Internet presence that scored in the top 10 on Google and other search engines. Referral development included communications and mailings to primary care along with direct-to-consumer mailings. Additionally, MedIngenuity designed a downloadable mini-brochure PDF, that highlighted the health center's capabilities and other important information in an easy to print, easy to read format. Dynamic Life Health Center opened their doors for business in early 2013, targeting the suburban North Fort Worth market.

Website and business development for age management center

Southlake Plastic Surgery

Southlake Plastic Surgery is located in Southlake, Texas, and specializes in a wide variety of procedures from breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, and tummy tucks to laser treatments and facelifts. Dr. Mark E. Mason, the founder of Southlake Plastic Surgery, is a board-certified, Stanford-trained plastic surgeon with years of experience performing cosmetic procedures.

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