Medingenuity Business Development for Healthcare Companies

Medingenuity for more than 10 years has been used by dozens of healthcare companies to create and launch new businesses, create new service lines and promote new products. This includes:

• Strategy development for new companies
• Name development
• Corporate identity, logo development and branding
• Ad campaigns
• Capabilities brochures
• Content-rich websites
• Medical content for surgical specialties
• Marketing communications for healthcare
• Referral development
• Database marketing
• Direct mail
• E-mail marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Reputation Management
• Trademark protection for healthcare intellectual property and brands

Our healthcare clients include the following successful companies:

Injury Management Organization

Based in Dallas with locations across Houston and San Antonio, Injury Management Organization helps Texas companies control healthcare costs for both on-the-job injury and group health. IMO relied on Medingenuity for years related to corporate identity development, including logo development, brochure development and e-mail marketing for the main healthcare company along with new business lines like Lighthouse Resource Group for the Human Resources niche. Medingenuity has also protected IMO intellectual property by securing Trademarks for its business brands.

Axis 360 Surgical

Based in Alaska, Axis 360 Surgical is a medical implant device distributor in the niche of spine implants and orthopedic implants. Medingenuity provided expertise on brand development, creation of logos, development of the corporate web site, product sheets and other marketing efforts.

ASCs Inc

Based in California, ASCs Inc. helps surgery center owners maximize the value of their real estate investment through creative business relationships. This can include the sale of the ASC real estate asset and leaseback arrangements for cash liquidity. Since 2013, Medingenuity has assisted founder Jon Vick with marketing, branding and business development, including ad campaigns, marketing communications to ASC owners and e-mail marketing.

Promus Diagnostics

Based in the DFW area, Promus Diagnostics installs sophisticated laboratory and diagnostic systems into physician offices that enable doctors to accurately diagnose health problems and create the most effective treatments for various health problems. Promus relied on Medingenuity for name development assistance, branding, logo development and development of the corporate web site.

Dividend Health / Dividend Health Labs

Based in the DFW area with labs in Austin, Texas, Medingenuity has helped Dividend Health for several years with name development, logo creation, web site development, brochures, marketing communications and new product promotion.

Medical Art Prosthetics

Based in Wisconsin with locations in Northern California, New Jersey and Chicago, Medical Art Prosthetics is the national leader in prosthetic devices for those with facial injuries. Since 2012, founder Greg Gion has accessed the healthcare MBA team at Medingenuity for ongoing assistance on expansion strategy, national network development, marketing communications and other service line expansion.

Project OVAT

Project OVAT stands for One Vet At a Time and relates to a new organization focused on the needs of the military veteran as they return to society after deployment and military service. Project OVAT is directed by former a special forces soldier who helps the veteran navigate the challenging world of the Veterans Administration for healthcare and securing the best help for disabilities. Medingenuity helped the organization with the development of a national web site and downloadable PDF marketing communications.

Texas Urology

Urology practice founder and noted author/innovator on male health Dr. Kenneth Goldberg has used the Medingenuity MBA team for more than 10 years for the development of his urology practice and the roll out of a national promotion program for his Male Health Center concept. Medingenuity helped the urology surgeon increase the awareness of the male health niche, web site development and created all the related marketing communications. Medingenuity then assisted with installation of the Male Health Center concept marketing systems into the hospital environment.

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