Urology Clients

Below is a list of clients the Medingenuity has helped with business development, web design, corporate identity and branding, or direct-to-consumer communications for urology centers.

website with educational content on urologyLongview Urology

Longview Urology, founded in 1953 in Washington State, is a specialty practice that addresses male and female urology problems including kidney stones; bladder problems and incontinence; urinary tract infections; infertility; prostate symptoms; prostate cancer treatment; testicle problems & testicular cancer; erectile dysfunction; and vasectomy. Longview Urology researched regional web providers before deciding upon DFW-based Medingenuity to develop a new website. By accessing Medingenuity’s intellectual property on urology, which includes medical illustrations and educational content on urological symptoms, the urology practice achieved higher ranking scores on Google and other search engines than if they had used a local web developer in Washington State.

Web site design for urology center in texasTexas Urology

Texas Urology, located in the Dallas Fort Worth area, provides diagnosis, treatment and care for urological disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate cancer. Dr. Goldberg worked with MedIngenuity's Bob Reznik to develop Male Health Center, and later, Texas Urology. When it was time to develop a web site for Texas Urology, Dr. Goldberg approached MedInenuity. MedIngenuity designed a website that feature a large amount of the client's education content that patients can use to educate themselves before their appointment.

Web development for urology practice

Urology Clinics of North Texas

Urology Clinics of North Texas is one of the largest urology specialty groups in the United States representing a merger of several DFW-based urology practices. After the merger, the combined urology super group wanted MedIngenuity’s expertise in developing a corporate identity and then an Internet site that would score in the top 10 on search engines like Google, to gain prominent visibility in the Dallas Fort Worth market. Urology Clinics of North Texas benefited from Medingenuity’s intellectual property in the specialty of urology, which included medical illustrations and deep educational content that search engines indexed highly. Over the years, Medingenuity has kept the urology group in the top 10 on main search engines like Google and Bing.

Website development for urologyUrology Specialists of West Florida

Urology Specialists of West Florida is urology super group located in the West Florida, Tampa/Clearwater market, that includes more than 20 urologists. The urology practice provides minimally invasive techniques and the most advanced DaVinci robotic technology for urological surgery. The urology group selected MedIngenuity over other national ad agencies because of its specialization in healthcare, and its deep intellectual property in the specialty of urology that would enable its web site to score higher on organic search for key words. Medigenuity updated the logo and created a new content-rich website for the physician group.

Website design for radiation centerUrology Specialists of West Florida Radiation Center

After Medingenuity successfully upgraded the web image of the parent group practice, Urology Specialists of West Florida has Medingenuity create a new Internet presence for their Radiation Oncology Center. The radiation center provides the most advanced radiation oncology treatment, including RapidArc radiotherapy, IMRT, and Dynamic Targeting IGRT. MedIngenuity updated the corporate identity to resemble the parent, and developed a new website that became highly visible to consumers looking for a more convenient alternative than a hospital setting.

Landmark Urology Care & Associated Urologists of North Carolina

In 2011, Dr. Mark McLure in Raleigh, North Carolina research marketing companies that specialize in healthcare. From his research, he ultimately selected Medingenuity to help him promote his specialty practice Landmark Urology & Complementary Medicine. Medingenuity developed a new web site and communicated the group’s capabilities to primary care physicians. Medingenuity also developed ads and direct-to-consumer communications. Later in 2013, Dr. McClure joined with about 18 other urologists through a merger, creating Associated Urologists of North Carolina. The merged urology group used MedIngenuity to combine the five separate group practice websites into one single content-rich Internet presence. MedIngenuity installed its educational intellectual property on urology into the site. As a result, the group’s site scored in the top 4 spots of 3 million on Google for the query "urology problems North Carolina" and #1 of 2 million for "incontinence treatment North Carolina.”

Prostate Health Center

The Prostate Health Center provides radiation therapy to help patients recover from prostate cancer. The center, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, was owned by Associated Urologists of North Carolina which had used Medingenuity as its marketing company. Medingenuity developed a new web presence for the radiation center and other supporting marketing communications.

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