Website Design

A web site is the most cost-effective communication tool of all time, so it is vital that your business has a website that conveys a message of quality to the patient. Another important point to note is that unlike most internet users who are using the internet for leisure, an internet user searching for you is most likely experiencing some degree of pain. Therefore, your website needs to be clear, informative, and easy to navigate.

MedIngenuity has developed an array of web sites to match a budget. These types of sites can range from a simple five page practice overview to 100-page content-rich on-line encyclopedias for a given specialty. Visibility on the Internet is driven highly by the educational content you have in your web site. An Internet site can be summarized in the following levels of maturity and sophistication:

Electronic brochure

Some organizations list their address of business location, doctor bios, hours of operation, services rendered, etc. This type of site will rarely score high on search engines related to consumer queries for symptoms, healthcare information, etc.

website design and development for urology centersBasic informative site

These can include all the components of the “electronic brochure” but with additional information about the specialty involved, some bounce-back forms that enable the consumer to request information, a second opinion, etc. These type of healthcare web sites would have original photography showcasing the facility, staff and physicians, and information that differentiates the center from competitors.

On-line encyclopedia

Search engine optimization to increase visibility for healthcare medical practice

These types of sites represent highly informative, content-rich virtual encyclopedias on various subjects. These sites typically score highest on search engines for a target specialty. These sites offer helpful unbiased information about healthcare symptoms, where to go for treatment, how to select a quality physician, etc. This type of healthcare web site would have original photography showcasing the facility, staff and physicians, and information that differentiates the center from competitors.

MedIngenuity can develop all three types of sites, including a content-rich Internet presence for your medical practice, surgery center, or healthcare facility. When applicable, we suggest a content-rich site because it helps to portray you as an expert in your field while increasing search engine visibility for organic search queries related to your field.

In addition to custom, professionally developed web sites, we can also provide the following services to help differentiate your practice from your competitors:

Original Photography

MedIngenuity can find and direct a local photographer to capture the special kind of images necessary to show how your healthcare organization is different and unique. We have found that healthcare consumers like to see genuine photographs of the practicing physicians and front desk staff so they know exactly who they are going to see when they schedule an appointment. Being clear and honest with the consumer through real photography instead of stock images helps the customer understand your offerings.

Content development

Working with your staff or physicians, MedIngenuity can develop the original educational content. These sites can be developed in phases, where the foundation site becomes operational, and additional content is added over subsequent months or years. Obviously, there is significant time involved with developing original content, so developing a content-rich site represents the most expensive option. Fortunately, MedIngenuity has a large intellectual property library full of personally written content regarding urology, orthopedics, pain management, outpatient surgeries, and other healthcare related material that is available to our clients through an intellectual property package.

Educational Medical Illustrations

MedIngenuity often partners with practices to help inform consumers about anatomy and common conditions. If desired, in addition to the educational medical illustrations, MedIngenuity sites may feature home remedy information medical illustrations to help the patient better understand a certain issue.

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