What We Do

MedIngenuity creates custom healthcare websites for orthopedic surgeons, age management physicians, urologists, ASCs, and many more healthcare specialties. MedIngenuity is based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas.

MedIngenuity has vast experience in business development for healthcare creating healthcare advertising plans, websites, along with healthcare marketing strategies for clients all over the nation to increase their visibility on Google.

For specialists trying to communicate to referral sources and do direct-to-consumer communications, Medingenuity brings 30 years of expertise to understanding how best to reach these audiences with educational website design, email marketing, educational print communications, journals, magazines, e-magazines, print ad campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, radio advertising, TV advertising and many other creative communication channels. Medingenuity is a specialist with physician practice marketing across Texas and the United States.

MedIngenuity is more than a healthcare advertising agency, but rather a business development healthcare company. We handle all stages of branding, design and communication from new company start ups to expanding the visibility of established practices and healthcare businesses.

We help each physician practice develop an exit strategy to enable principals to position their business for sale, acquisition or merger as a retirement strategy.

For start ups, Medingenuity names and trademarks research to prevent expensive name conflicts. We then develop new names for healthcare businesses that are memorable and cut through the clutter. We handle every aspect of corporate identity for healthcare, from logos and wordmarks, to letterhead, business cards, e-magazine, e-mail marketing and creating content rich websites that score in the top 10 on Google for organic search.

Medingenuity was created by Prizm Development, Inc., the most experienced developer of spine Centers of Excellence. For 20 years, Prizm has worked in 48 of the 50 states helping physician groups and hospitals improve the way they care for back and neck pain with a non-surgical emphasis. Click here to learn more.

MedIngenuity involves the expertise of three MBAs specialized in the healthcare industry. We work with physician groups, hospital systems, ASCs and healthcare consultants to help them accomplish the following:

Table about Medingenuity helps physicians with promotion and marketing plans, develops brochures and logos. Medingenuity helps sites score high on organic search

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